Dear All,

There has been an update in the movie selection for Saturday 21st October.

Join us at the Mandwa Film Club this Saturday (21st October at 6.00 pm) for the screening of Pakistani super hit film “Insaniyat (1967)”.


A young couple (Waheed Murad and Zeba) fall in love and vow to marry once Waheed Murad finishes his medical studies abroad. Zeba is forced to marry Tariq Aziz by her parents. When Waheed Murad finds out about this betrayal he is heart broken. Years later Zeba’s husband is brought to Waheed Murad’s hospital in a terminal condition leaving both Zeba and Waheed Murad distraught.

About the film:

Released: February 24, 1967 by Shabab Productions. Starring: Zeba, Waheed Murad, Tariq Aziz, Nanha, Ali Ejaz, Razia, Firdous
Director Shabab Keranvi Producer: A. Hameed Writer: Shatir Ghaznavi
Music director: Manzoor Ashraf Lyricist: Shabab Keranvi Singers: Mala, Irene Pereen & Ahmad Rushdi.

“Insaniyat” was the first blockbuster for Shabab Productions-which would dominate the Pakistan film industry till the 80’s. When released,”Insaniyat” had it’s release certificate revoked because Shabab Leranvi, the director, was accused of remaking the Indian film “Dil Ek Mandir”. Shabab Keranvi was able to prove that Dil Ek Mandir had in fact been a remake of the 1958 Pakistani film Hasrat (Starring Santosh and Sabiha) allowing the release certificate to be reissued.

We look forward to see you at the movie screening on SATURDAY 21ST OCTOBER AT 6.00 PM.


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Dear Friends,

Lok Virsa is planning some very exciting events for the next two months. In this regard, we are pleased to announce the Calendar of Events for the month of October 2017.

Many of the projects that we have been working on have finalized and are ready to open doors to visitors. As always, musical evenings are an essential part of the October calendar.

Mark the dates below and pay us a visit with family and friends.

6-Oct-17: Lok Virsa “Sharbat Point” will open it’s doors to visitors.
7-Oct-17: Mandwa screening of Pakistani film “Dil Mera Dharkan Teri(1968)”.
10-Oct-17: Renaming of Lok Virsa Boardroom.

14-Oct-17: Mandwa screening of Japense-Russian film “Dersu Uzela (1975)”.
15-Oct-17: Renovation of Rooftop Theater is complete. It will be reopened as “Bali Jatti Theater” with a musical evening: “2nd Generation of the Great Masters”.
Note: “2nd Generation Masters” will be a series of concerts; a new concert will take place every week at the Bali Jatti Rooftop Theater.

16-Oct-17: Rural Women Conference.
17-Oct-17: Rural Women Conference and a musical evening.
16-Oct-17: Opening ceremony of 2nd program in Craft is Knowledge Series: “Pottery Making”.

17-Oct-17: Renovation of Heritage Library is complete. It will be reopened as “Faiz Heritage Library” with an Inauguration ceremony for its digitized catalog.
Note: The digitized library catalogue will be available on our website as well.

18-Oct-17: Children Lok Mela at IMCG-G-6/1-4 .
20-Oct-17: “Unity in Diversity”: 200th Birth Celebrations of Baha’ullah, the Founder of the Baha’i Faith, with musical evening at Open air theater, featuring musical show, tableau and devotional group songs.

21-Oct-17: Mandwa screening of Pakistani film “Ehsaas(1972)”.
28-Oct-17: Mandwa screening of Canadian|Iranian film “Incendies (2010)”.

We look forward to see you here at Lok Virsa.

Lok Virsa.

Dear All,
When I joined Lok Virsa, about a year and a half ago, we only had employees from Punjab and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa. Over the last year I have tried hard to search for young candidates to be inducted from other province. To get good candidates from Balochistan has been a challenge as it is difficult to get people to move to Islamabad on such low renumeration, However, I am happy to share that we now have six young professionals from Balochistan at Lok Virsa, providing thier services for various jobs.

Abdullah Baloch, the head of the Culture Department, Balochistan Government, visted us yesterday and was so happy when I introduced him to these young professionals. He said, “This was a dream for me. I had been associated with Lok virsa for over three decades and always wanted to see bright people from Balochistan here and now it has come true.” He thanked me for being true to my claim that Balochistan and GB were my priority. I am sharing a picture of Abdullah Baloch with young professionals from Balochistan who are providing thier services as internal auditor, PRO, store keeper of the museum, Media program executive, Electrical Engineer and ethnomusicologist.

I would also like to share that we have 5 young professionals from GB who are providing thier services to Lok Virsa as head of Media, head of accounts, cameraman and two in the Museum. This diversity is already changing the environment of the Institute and influencing, positively, the programs of lok virsa. I strongly beleive that for it to be a true ‘National’ Institute, it has to have the voices of all the provinces. We continue to work on achieving that balance!

Best Regards,
Fouzia Saeed