Most museum in Pakistan are archaeological which are a throwback from colonial times. The Heritage Museum is the first state museum of ethnology in Pakistan which presents the history and living traditions of the people of Pakistan both from the mainstream and the remotest regions of the country. The location of this landmark achievement at Islamabad enriches the federal capital and adds to its attractions.
     The primary purpose of the museum is to educate and edify present and future generations of Pakistan and to create a treasure house for the nation more valuable than the vault of any bank in the world.
     The museum has a covered area of 60,000 sq. ft. featuring exhibit halls, making it the largest museum in Pakistan. This is a museum for the people of Pakistan, who are the real bearers of our cultural traditions, which make Pakistan truly great.
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Halls of Museum:
1- Antiquity & Continuity
2- Textile & Embroidery
3- Sufi & Shrines
4- Ballads & Romances
5- Musical Heriage
6- Thematic Exhibition
7- Architecture & Wood Work
8- Jewellery & Metal Work
9- Ethnic Tribes
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